Catalog of Refactorings

10 December 2013

This catalog of refactorings includes those refactorings described in my original book on Refactoring, together with the Ruby Edition.

Using the Catalog 

I've put together this catalog to help you find and explore the refactorings in the source books. The refactoring names are links that navigate to the refactoring's online page. This page also contains the sketch for the refactoring and page references for the full description of the refactoring in the source book. There is also a deep link into the safari books online edition of the book, which is very handy if you've purchased that edition.

The filter panel at the left allows you to select the refactorings by keyword, and also by which books they appear in. You can save the current filter settings to a URL by using the "#" permalink at the bottom of the filter panel.

At this point, I only have refactorings from my original refactoring book and the ruby edition.




select either all refactorings that appear in a book or just those refactorings that are only in a specific book